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If there are any writers out there, then i would like to know what are your thoughts on how Bukowski as an influence can be both a gift and a curse for both your creative output and the ongoing attempt to find your own 'creative voice'

I'm not too sure exactly what point i'm trying to make here but for me Bukowski is a more troublesome influence then my other influences (writers such as Palahniuk, Rimbaud, Blake, Hardy, Coupland, Burroughs, Fitzgerald) . Its almost as if he casts a shadow over me when i write.
Speaking as a non-writer, publisher, I can say that it seems that being very well read would help in your writing, but only if it includes many authors. Bukowski certainly had many wrioters that he read and that helped define his style. That would be a gift. Only reading Bukowski and then writing would seem to make one write Bukowski-like poems. That would be a curse. Bukowski was Bukowski. Only he could pull off being bukowski. Others trying to intimidate does not normally work. Plus, you would want to be your own writer.

That is just my opinion..

gift and distraction

to me you just have to put his books down sometimes.
i remember being consumed when getting new books in my collection.
i mean reading buk is like looking in the dictionary,or the guiness book.
it is an all day job.he forces you to cross examine yourself and the people around you.well you get my drift.if you want to create stuff yourself then
you gotta break away from it all .you have to be selfish to hank and the old lady and the chores ..and the forums...
Murder On The Highway

He's a curse if you think you have to write about boozing, whores, gambling, hemorrhoids, or try to imitate the resplendent excesses of his life-style. He's a blessing if you heed his message to let the writing come of its own natural accord, like a beershit, without trying to force it"”"Don't try." He's also a blessing if you heed his message to put enjoyment and pleasure in the line"”but your way, not his way. The world doesn't need to be contaminated with a flood of dancing, prancing mock-turtle Bukowskis. But it might benefit from honest writers who draw upon what they have lived through and remember the power of simplicity, emotional directness and the refusal to compete with, or imitate others. As wanting as the rest of us may be, there will always be a need in this pitiful world for honest writing"”no one has the final word"”preferably from those who have profited by his example without selling themselves out, body and soul, to ride on his impossible glory. He's a huge roadblock on the road if you try to duplicate his efforts; but he'll challenge you to find your own strength if you refuse to be discouraged, intimidated, and keep digging toward source. If you see the Buddha walking along the highway"”kill him, or you may have missed your chance.

Luck, Poptop
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there's a letter in living on luck (p.204) where b has written to someone called mike (no surname given),

"maybe you're writing too much the way I write. I once wrote like William Saroyan for about 3 years until I decided that his content was candyass and only his rolling style had something to hang a hat to. so I took part of that. and part of Ernie and part of Celine and I had a little luck. maybe when you decide that I am candyass you'll have a better chance."

Others trying to intimidate does not normally work.

interesting slip, bill...

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