Instances of B crying? (1 Viewer)

Are there any instances of B. crying described in any books by and about him?

The only one I remember is where someone was walking with him in his old neighbourhood and they passed a bar and B. started crying and said 'If only you knew how many lonely hours I spent in places like that' (or something to that effect). Sorry I can't remember where I saw this.
Somewhere in the letter-collections (probably in Screams from the Balcony) he writes that when he read "Poems for all the Annettes" from Al Purdy he cried all through.

Don't remember the exact words and place.
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B cried well before "The Shower" in a 1968 Open City issue beginning: "Bukowski cried when Judy Garland sang at..." [collected as "I Shot a Man in Reno" in Erections]

He cried a lot in that story...
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Love the last line of the poem 'bluebird' were buk lies in a most beautiful and ironic way.

'but I don't
weep, do

Hits me hard that line.

Such a stunning poem.


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