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A buddy of mine was riding his motorcycle from Brantford to Calgarythis week
The route goes through Minnesota.
Anyway his bike broke down Friday and the cost to rebuild it was 2100.
The bike cost 1200.
He broke down on the July 4th weekend in Deleno Minnesota. SO you can imagienhow hard it was to find an open garage

He was picked up by one guy who drove him into town
Then taken back by another who offered to bring the bike back into town on his snowmobile trailer and put him up for the night with him his wife and two kids.
Then Ed had 6 or 7 other locals suggest ways that he could recoup his loss.

Bottom line is The U.S. gets the shit kicked out of it in international papers and more often than not deservedly so-but the people I have met (and apparently the ones Ed met too) have always been very friendly and out of their way helpful.
His last line was-if you ever break down do it in middle America..these people are tops.
hi Jimmy Snerp, good point. I've had similar experiences, including a time many years ago when my radiator blew as I was traveling through an Indian reservation in New Mexico on the way to Alamogordo. My girlfriend and I were invited to stay overnight with an Indian family while my vintage Toyota was being repaired - it felt like an honor to be invited - and we were lucky enough to find a kind-hearted mechanic who artfully soldered the radiator (with its numerous holes) back to health at modest cost and we eventually continued our trip - the radiator got us back all the way to CA. I still remember those people with great fondness because they were never concerned about money but were of course paid... Politics aside, there are indeed some great people in this country who would give the shirt off their backs to help someone in need. Maybe others have similar tales when they were down on their luck and at the mercy of life.

Thanks for the reminder....Poptop.
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