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I am writing to the list to see if anyone here is interested in with setting up and showing me how to maintain a website for my publishing co., similar to the Bottle of Smoke site or this one, in exchange for original art, photos, books and magazines, etc ongoing ? As with most small presses, money is always an issue. Email me to discuss. If we agree on a mutual arrangement that suits us both, I'll start off by sending out a big package of stuff to kick things off.

We have published magazines on visionary, surreal, outsider and fantastic art sporadically since 1998 and will be branching out into publishing small press art and poetry books similar to that in format of Bottle of Smoke Press releases (long live Bill !). Here are links to samples of previous publications released directly by us (top link) and or through other publishers (second link):

To view some of my art and photos, click here:

My latest book "The Odd Man Out" has just been published through Bottle of Smoke, as the unofficial 10th book to the Nine in 9 set:

Looking forward to hearing from a few of you.

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Our domain name is currently registered and hosting space paid. What I am seeking is to have a site built roughly with this structure:

Art Visionary (home page)
Contact (includes about, mailing list & submissions info) - static page which will rarely require updates if ever.
Shop (with PayPal / credit card facility) - Will need regular updating
News - this can be a direct link to an external AV blog site.- A pop up window to an AV blog site (to be created).
Links - AV blog, AV Facebook, My Flickr site, My EBay shop, my ETSY shop + friends of press links, etc. - a fairly static page with occasional updates required
Forum - External Link to Yahoo Group or similar (to be created) - A pop up window to an external site for forum activity.

Art Visionary Press - see below
Galerie Art Visionary - see below
The Collection Art Visionary - see below

Art Visionary Press
Shop w/PayPal/credit card facility
- Will require regular updates
Authors(biographies/statements) - Will require occasional updates
Publications (like bibliography)Page to include past, present and projected future releases - Will require occasional updates.

Collection Art Visionary
Artists list main page - Will require occasional updates once set up
Individual artist pages - Will require occasional updates once setup
Exhibitions - Will require occasional updates once setup

Galerie Art Visionary
Artist list main page
- Will require occasional updates once setup
Individual artist pages - Will require occasional updates once setup

Shop - No shop... "contact for price" to be put under each image.

Happy to send a large package of publications and art in advance of any work once an arrangement is negotiated.
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