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Hello. Just found this article or short story (or journal entry?) by Bukowki former lover Linda King. Thought it was pretty interesting, especially since I'm reading Women again. Thought I'd post the link here for comments, posterity (?), whatever:

There's also a very small snapshot on sculpture section of the main site of the sculpture she did of him, mentioned in the book.


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Thanks, nomadi00! - I'm sure Buk would have loved her painting of the racehorses...
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Awesome, Bernard.
Though little did she know ...

MJP, whoops! The site it more personable though. And there's the pic of Linda, that has been seen a billion times.

For more on Buk, I found this site in google books, Bukowski In Pictures, that is really great. If you type that in at google search, there should be a link to their preview site, which is basically 50% of the book.

And there are some other books, one I found in google books Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life. A nice preview should be on "google books", which is a subsite or domain of

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