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My flat is in Dortmund, Germany, in Nordrhein - Westfalen, but right now I'm in a small village called Kirchen ( = churches in english ) in Rheinland - Pfalz. I'm surrounded by large woods and mountains and very few people. Kirchen has become a town short time ago because 5 more people settled down here, I'm in Church City, Ponder.
Not far away from where I am. The Germans spell it "Arnheim".
Are you planning to visit Andernach?
I've been in Arnheim several times when I was a teeny for blunt reasons.
I'm taking care of my 3 year old daughter here, because her mother's in Saarbrücken for professional nurse education. We used to be a couple, then split up and she went back to where she was born after 5 years of culture shock in Dortmund. We're good friends now and will be heading towards Saarbrücken in a month and start all over again. Dortmund's a filthy stinkin' rat hole and Kirchen is like the middle of nowhere, we're happy to relocate and reunite the family in Saarbrooklyn. So, I've got no time or space to visit Andernach, I'm busy as a little bee can be.
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I don't know what's the prachtig ingredient in the coffee they sell in the
coffee shops, but everytime I came out of a coffee shop I smiled :)

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