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International Shipping for Bukowski books (1 Viewer)

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As I am in the UK, I am often tempted by Bukowski items for sale from overseas, either in the US, Europe or even Australia (so far...)

In this thread, I'd like some information on reliable, affordable types of International Shipping that other folks have used.

For example, I am sure that the USPS offer a large (A4?) cardboard envelope that can be used for books (including bubble-wrap) for about $9.95, but I don't know if these are insurable?

Anyone here regularly or recently had the pleasure of shipping any Black Sparrow hardbacks from the US to the UK?
Any international priority mail through the U.S. Postal Service can be insured. They do have limits though, so you wouldn't want to use them for something that was really valuable.

Everything I've ever shipped overseas, I've used USPS. But it's not something I've done very often. Someone else may have more relevant advice...

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