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Out of town the last two days so I can get to Back at home the site has come up "server not found" for a week. Same issue with guerillapoetry and chancepress. Has happened before but usually lasted only a day. Google searches and solutions haven't solved anything yet. Good to "see" you guys again.


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Same here... "server not found" for about a week. No other sites though, just this one.

Quite distressing actually. I missed you guys!
mjp taught me a little about why this is happening. It is web wide caused by a change in how the internet works. It is sporadic and short lived. I noticed the problem with, but hat is up and running. I have not had any problems getting on



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Yes, likewise. for two days, and for four days with my mail account.
A friend in another part of the country couldn't access buknet either so it must've been a major server breakdown. All other sites worked fine though.
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It's way too boring to try to explain, but it should be fixed. If anyone has any trouble hitting the site from here on out, let me know.


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I thought all my server not found problems were caused by my shitty emachines computer... Glad to see it's fixed!

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