Interview with Factotum director Bent Hamer (1 Viewer)

Thanks, hank solo. The interview was an easy enough read.

I got that he cared about the film, and tried to reflect Bukowski's vision
without just putting the story on film.
Thanks, hank solo! Nice little interview.
Bent Hamer and Jim Stark were present when Factotum was shown at the Copenhagen Film Festival in 2005. I was there too. They held a short speech before the movie started, Saying that it was slow, without any plot but humourous and afterwoods they answered questions from the audience.
No, not really. I remember it was only about 4-5 questions and they were rather ordinary. Maybe that's why I don't remember them. I do remember one of them had to do with filming locations and Hamer named the city in which it was filmed etc. I have even forgot the name of the city...:(
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Well guys, I did not realise I was soooo out of it( I have not been drinking)..but got it right, thats pretty much what I was trying to say..I think Ive been rushing things a little..perhaps I have nothing to say at all except its obvious some amazing people ride this train and Im trying to climb aboard..thats all..I am not used to talking into thin air to people I aint met yet..feels strange..I know to most of you its just another day at the some lose some..try to find distraction from no action..thanks fa not ignoring me compleatley!

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