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I discovered Bukowski 5 years ago. I had already read some of his poems, but I still hadn't felt "the fire", maybe because I had read the translations (I'm not a native English speaker). But when I first started reading Post Office, it was as if I had left a mist, I finally could look around and see it all, I felt like an Übermensch (probably an illusion, but a good one). I knew I couldn't be same person after I finished that novel. I began devouring Bukowski's novels, short stories, poems, letters, adaptations to comic books, you name it. You all probably felt the same urge to read and feel the sense of wonder that comes from Bukowski's honesty.
Now for the trivialities: I'm 30 years old and I live in Brazil, where Buk is pretty popular (not in the universities though). I look forward to learning more, and also sharing what I know about Buk.

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