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Introduction to Richmond book, Hitler Painted Roses.
I realize this isn't exactly a rare or difficult book to find, but here it is.



I have a couple of copies of this poetry book. Don't eat, buy the book.
You'll don't regret it.

People will buy his books after he'll die. Don't do it. Steve is still alive, buy his books.
He is the best living poet of the United States. Really, believe me. It's a truth.
He is the best living poet of the United States. Really, believe me. It's a truth.
I agree. Richmond is hugely underrated and weirdly maligned. He's the best of his generation. A vast talent. It matters not that he was born into a wealthy family and all the other silliness I've heard. He wrote great shit, lots of it, and never wavered, never sold out. Worth looking into.
Wow I haven't read the book but it would hard to beat that forward. The words burn form the last paragraph of the second page to the end!
Thanks for this MJP!
don't you have the yearbook 2004 of the Bukowski-Society?
bad boy!
Nah. One day I'm gonna order them all at once. You know, every time I see one of them I think, wow, this is really cool, I gotta have it. Yeah, I'm order it right away. And I'm gonna join the society too, it's a great thing and not too far away, geographically. I even opended and read the form once.

But I never do it. I don't know why. It's a kind of psychic error. With everything.

Procrastination deluxe.
" these poems are Art. be glad you are here to read them."

I like the way he speaks from a position of authority. and later he calls some wanna be poets "rhymers" and "church pewkers".
Now I want to buy Steve Richmond's book.
Thank you

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