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HELLO EVERYONE!! Although I am known to the world as 'Ken Red', RiesgoRojo is a manifestation of my Hispanic alter-ego. I have a question for whomever knows the answer, open to anyone.
~ The building I live in here in LA is named 'THE BUKOWSKI', it even has a plaque on the front that says so. What I would like to find out is, which years did he live here and in which unit did he reside?? The address here is 503 So. Union Dr. in LA 90017. THANKS Y'ALL!!
As by the aforementioned timeline he lived there briefly between 1948-1951, two different adresses though: 503 Union Dr., (which appears to be yours) and 521 Union Dr.

Interesting that the building is named after him and has a plaque. Didn't know that.

"the bukowski" - that is hilarious!

btw that timeline you built is really impressive.
Thank you, that's the place, how about apartment number? I'm on a tablet, the timeline says it cannot load on a device with the size screen it has. I'll go get a close up of the plaque and post it in a few.

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