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Just thought I'd start an introductory page since I couldn't find any. If there is one, I apologize, I couldn't find it. Anyway, my writer's name is Austin Charles. I'm a novelist, artist, part time recluse, and full time drinker. I've been following Buk for a number of years now (I dunno for certain, 2, 3 years maybe) after his book Ham On Rye, which I still believe to be his best novel. Anyway, I'm a novelist myself, and a poet as well. Written several books and a number of poems. I started writing poetry for a number of years before knowing Bukowski and didn't realize how much Buk's poem seemed similar to mine. I've been published at my college's literary magazine, ( search by authors, Austin Charles Barrow and you'll find my poems if you want to see what kind of stuff I write. Anyway, not to make this all about me. I'm interested in you guys. What are your names? What are you about? Why the hell are we all here and not on some Jack Kerouac website? What draws you to Buk? Explain yourself, I'm all ears.

Anyways, it was nice signing up on this page. Can't wait to get talking with all you crazy people. Peace, and happy posting!

Well, I guess the Kerouac people have their site and we have ours. We are here - and have been here for a few years now - because of our fascination with Buk's writings and his particular life story. There is a LOT to take in and some members here (not to mention the mods) are quite the experts on sorting out fact from fiction. They are also a generous lot when it comes to posting scans of his overlooked/forgotten works. Many of the long-time members here are also artists themselves - poets, painters, musicians, etc.. I'm a poet and musician myself.

What draws me to Buk ? The poetry and his life story. He spent approximately 75% of his life as an outsider and the last 25% as a "rock star" - relatively speaking. And he absolutely deserved that success. So to sum up, the poetry itself is amazing, raw, honest, and tender. And the fact that there is a compelling biography to back it all up is just fascinating as hell to me. I never grow tired.
@number6horse That's awesome man. Yes, I'am happy to be apart of this site. I just found it not but a few days ago. Nice to hear from you. Any poet/musician is a friend of mine. There is so much here to read up on, and I dig that there are people more knowledgeable than I'am about this man Buk. I totally agree with you in what draws me to Buk. Everything about him (from is biography to his prose) is real to me, and the contagion is that this is the true human condition, raw, unabashed, and ugly as sin. The fact that I also feel I have never quite fit in without society also helps me love his nature. Great to hear from you.

@Erik anyone with a Drinkey Crow profile needn't prove he exists, haha. Awesome... Totally awesome, great to meet ya!
I exisit. Not always sober. I usually reside in the Spirit World.

Why here and not Kerouac? I have no idea. I never got that dude. I just know that the first time I read Bukowski I felt I could could relate to one of the characters. That was back in college in 1999. So yea. I also write but thats another story....
Hi Austin Big Baby Head. Welcome to the forums. We are all Bukowski crazed, some of us are scholars, some fans, most of us are writers I think. I'm a painter, wannabe writer (I'm working on my first book), and ex-musician. I'm also the boss' woman.

Why Hank and not Jack? Because Kerouac sucks. I mean, if you're comparing.

I got into Hank when I was about 14 and somewhat homeless. I felt like I found the father of my dreams. Someone who I could understand. Ham on Rye was the first thing I read and there was an instant kinship. I related to his childhood very much. Then onto Love is a Dog From Hell, Women, Tales of Ordinary Madness, Notes of a Dirty Old Man, South of No North...

We live in Los Angeles with a couple of crazy dogs. We're not full time drinkers, but we try. I don't drink like I used to because I'm high on too many pills nowadays. It evens out I guess.

Tell us more about your art background.
Damn! Shit when off while I was away! Sorry you guys, I've been busy with art shit at CCAD for the last few days

@Black Swan Thanks for the heads up Black Swan. I've already been roasted by you guys, and I couldn't be happier. Look forward to it. Nice to meet ya.

@Angeleyes619 When it comes to writers, to each his own, or her own. Writing sober doesn't even need to be said at this place, we're all Buk fans, so I assume we all drink while writing here lol. My writing changes with my own time, so I can imagine. That's cool you write. Glad to hear from you. Oh, and I don't care about Kerouac either. Buk's where its at for me. I'm reading Women right now and laughing my fucking ass off, as the people say :).

@esart I'm quite capable of painting naturalistic/realistic art, like the great masters used to. I was taught of the technique conte mixte which Rembrant once did, when I was in college and won a local Ohio arts council award in high school. I go to the Columbus College of Art and Design in C-bus Ohio and major in illustration. I lean towards comic book like illustration, but I'm in a class now that's got me busy (sorry to everyone for the delay in response, I finally got an off day to return) so yea. I like to draw and doodle what ever inspires me at the time, usually characters from my novels. I've been drawing from as long as I can remember. I used to draw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and get money from my friend's mothers. I consider those my first art sales. But I truly want to make it as a writer. I've written like 9 books in my lifetime, from age 15 to now. The only difference is 8 of them suck, and the one now I think is decent. As all my books go. But yea, thanks for the question. Yea, you guys are awesome, I'm diggin this site :)

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