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Musicians, you filthy scumbags, there is a new website in town and it isn't half bad.

They want $40 to sign up (?!) or someone glamorous like me can invite you to join for free.

It's still pretty new, so it's a bit funky and klunky and scattershot. I don't know how much the chaos will improve, but the thing I've noticed already is that there are more interesting, quality articles than I see on a lot of the typical guitar/musician sites. It has a vibe, as the kids say.

Take a look. You've got nothing to lose. Don't say I never gave you anything.


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Yes, I noticed that it goes into an infinite reload loop on older browsers. I reported that to them and they basically said, "Yeah. Get a newer browser."

In my tests it fails on the newest Opera browser, but it works in Firefox and Chrome.


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Cool. Yes, there's some good stuff there.

I've been corresponding with the guy who runs the site about the browser issues, and he's been kind enough to investigate and have his development team (which I imagine is one guy - maybe the same guy) look into them, but they seem to be content that it works only in "the latest" browsers.

I guess they only want to invite people who don't use older browsers. I don't know if that affects the whole site or only the invitation link, but either way, it's a bad way to go. But it's not my site, so what can I say.
I appreciate you asking about it; Internet Explorer isn't exactly a dinosaur, is it? I've used it exclusively for some 17 years. So, yes, it's old, but I don't find it to be antiquated.


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That's a great music site! I could easily spend a couple of hours there every day. Thanks, mjp!


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Internet Explorer isn't exactly a dinosaur, is it?
IE has been a thorn in the side of people designing web sites since it was born. It's not a dinosaur, they do update it. But when they "update" it, they are bringing it up to the level where all the other browsers were five years earlier. It's like that uncle you have who still dresses like he's going to Studio 54 on Friday night.

If you are able to (meaning if you don't work on a locked-down DMV computer or something), I would encourage you to make your life more enjoyable and use Chrome. If you don't get along with Chrome, try Firefox. But IE isn't a viable option for the 21st century.

I work for a Microsoft-centric company, so I have to use IE a couple times a day, and whenever I hit that icon, I grimace. It's painful. After you use Chrome for a while I think you'll feel the same way.


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Internet Explorer isn't exactly a dinosaur, is it?


seriously though, IE is a piece of shit and also ugly. install chrome. my favourite thing about it is that you can set users and all your shit will be saved, e.g. if i get bored with mjp when i'm visiting him, i can go hope on his computer and sign into chrome with my email and all my bookmarks, add-ons etc are all there. also great if you share a computer.


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this chart is interesting. there's a reason why IE has been in steady decline since it dominated the browser market ten years ago. personally, i still can't wrap my head around firefox - on my old PC (which i stopped using in 2012), i had the latest version of IE, and i used it for sites that wouldn't work in chrome. (mostly these were commercial sites with complicated databases that i used for work.) whenever i would try to use firefox instead, it would take forever to load, opening a new tab would crash the browser, and so on. it was such a piece of shit, i was always at a loss as to how people managed to use it.


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a lot of people cite those browser numbers, but they are skewed since people visiting that site are building websites, and that crowd is much less likely to use IE.
if i get bored with mjp when i'm visiting him...
Girl, as if!

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great. another cool website so i can get even less work done...

what i meant to say is - thanks!
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Just saying it's more relevant to use your own site stats, or the stats from a big general interest site.

But in general, yeah, IE is fading into obscurity. As you can see looking at the past 12 months on (not including this forum):

1. Chrome 734,419
2. Safari 438,675
3. Firefox 394,462
4. Internet Explorer 257,583
5. Android Browser 77,963
6. Safari (in-app) 30,618
7. Opera 19,642
8. BlackBerry 14,983
9. Amazon Silk 6,613
10. Opera Mini 4,057

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