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I need something translated... Something a few pages long. Doesn't have to be exact- I'd settle for "the gist" or even "a summary"... But it's of great, although not critical, importance to me.
the text jordan needs translated is cryptic in it's meaning, and on top of that it contains a lot of historical and cultural references, so it's more than just a direct translation. it requires someone familiar with the history of naples and its culture, as well as fluent in italian and napolitan dialect.

the italian family i work for are from napoli and even they had trouble giving me a really accurate translation.
I lived in Naples for a while and learned all the tongues, I mean, languages used there. I could give you a helping hand. No kidding ;)
i'd love for you to take a stab at it... see the attached .jpg

here's an article about the book, in case you're curious...
that's standard Italian and pretty easy to translate. Too bad I do NOT translate into English :) I could translate into it Spanish, would that suffice?
this is the translation i came up with from my boss, but it doesn't read well. even though you can't translate it into english, could you translate it into spanish, and then into english from there?

The almost illegible readings of this case push so far ahead the person to serve themselves in this over the top essence in order to invent products which are useful in the world of cosmetics (possibly: a cosmetic world). So it is that it has happened for Pulcinellopedia (small) which Luigi has composed between 1983 and 1984 with the essence of Pulcinella to 90%. And in the intentions of the author which this book should collect itself upon desks, set tables and benches at school, which that way would liberate the fantasy of all in the provision of constituting the Democratic Republic of the Carnavale* with its uninterrupted festivities of the Cuccagna** which will bring happiness to the end of the decade and where the Pulcinellopedia will have the honour of an ample diffusion as a fundamental script of pedagogy***.

*the Carnavale refers to a time during February, in Campania (the state in which Napoli/Naples is the capital) which is much like Halloween. This is where Pulcinella comes from, and many of the characters associated with him.

**Cuccagna has its equivalent in the pinyata (i don't think i spelt that right). It's a tree laden with toys. Kids are blindfolded and made to find the toys. Also, the trunk is greased and the kids must attempt to climb it to get the prize at the top.

***Pedagogy refers to child psychology.
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Here's my teasing. Rough Spanish translation:

Las inescrutables leyes del Caso empujan, de vez en cuando, a alguna persona a servirse de esta portentosa Esencia para inventar productos útiles para la cosmética del Mundo. Esto es lo que ha ocurrido con la PULCINELLOPEDIA (pequeña) [1] que Luigi Serafini ha compuesto entre 1983 y 1984 con Esencia de Pulcinella al 90 por ciento. La intención del Autor es que este libro aletee libre [2] sobre escritorios, mesas preparadas y los pupitres de la escuela y de esta manera libere la fantasía de todos ante la próxima constitución de la República Democrática del Carnaval que, con sus continuas Fiestas de la Cucaña, alegrará el fin del siglo y donde la P. (pequeña) tendrá el honor de gozar de una amplia difusión como texto fundamental de Pedagogía.

1 [Pulcinella is the typical Napolitan mask; Pullcinellopedia might be the art devoted to Naples essence]

2 The following is hard to translate in a literal sense as the Italian noun "libro" is very similar to the verb "libri" ("librarsi") -get rid of- and the noun "colibri" -hummingbird.

3 I don't think there's an English word for Cuccagna: it's an imaginary place where fantasy & masked characters live blisfully and happily.
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