Is Charlie Sheen this Generation's Bukowski? (1 Viewer)

Charlie Sheen is intent upon living out his Dad's role in "Apocalypse Now". He probably thinks he has "made a friend of horror"... whatever Charlie.....
If Charlie Sheen is this generations Bukowski I'm this generations first suicide because of shit ass comparisons.
It is a weak and ridiculous comparison, but I assumed that went without saying. I think we quoted some of Sheen's "poetry" in another thread. A poet he is not.
Maybe he's more like this generation's Mickey Rourke...and like Rourke, maybe he can pull himself outta the muck.
Apart from the many other differences between the two I'd say one of Bukowski's greatest traits was his honesty, which always comes through to me in his writing. Sheen on the other hand just kids himself he's being honest when he goes on TV and talks about the various ways in which he is 'winning', whilst being in total denial about the impact his lifestyle is having on his kids. I'm not some puritan who thinks you can't have fun when you've had kids but I do think Charlie Sheen is a weapons-grade tool all the same.
the guy physically abuses woman, neglects his children and is completely unrepentant and
unaccountable for the path destruction and damage he's left.

and people are giving him their money and cheering him on like he's some sort of hero.

and i'm wasting my time writing about it.
I watched his tv show the other night (was stuck in a hotel in NJ.) It really was not funny. Painfully unfunny. There are very few funny tv shows and canned laughter is a sure sign that you have a really bad show (The Office is funny, and they do not have to tell their audience when they are supposed to laugh), but jesus it was bad...

I heard that he's practically being booed off the stage at a lot of his shows...

yeah but - from the reports i've read - i think it's only when they realize they've been had - they start off
on his side and when the reality sets in - "i wasted my time and money on this boring blowhard?" - that they
turn on him.

what did those idiots expect? the best standups work their whole life to be good enough to entertain any number
of paying strangers and those morons think sheen's gonna get up without any plan or experience and be

btw steve martin's memoir about his standup career - which he worked hard at since he was a kid - is great.
btw steve martin's memoir about his standup career - which he worked hard at since he was a kid - is great.
Steve Martin is also a decent writer. Nothing groundbreaking, but competent in what he tries.

We're going to see him next week. Not in a comedy performance, per se, but I assume he'll still be funny.

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