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...or are Bukowski's poetry books a little on the pricey side? Maybe it's just because they aren't that common these days but everytime I've seen one they're usually priced at about £12 whereas his novels are at the standard £8/9 price.

I want to start collecting his poetry books but I feel forking out £12 a book is going to be unhealthy on the ol' bank account. Has anyone else noticed this?
Most English editions of the Bukowski poetry titles have only been published either by Black Sparrow Press or Ecco/Harper Collins, and these are primarily for the US market. So apart from a few Canongate and Virgin editions, most books you'll see here are imports.

Collecting Bukowski is not a cheap habit.
You can buy them cheaper on the net, at f.ex. It's certainly worth checking out...

(Btw, £12 for a Buk book is very cheap over here. We're used to much higher prices on books)
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forking out £12 a book is going to be unhealthy on the ol' bank account.

£12 is around $25 in Oz and I've paid as much as $33 (£16) for Buk books at Borders here.

It's true that they're nominally cheaper on Amazon, but Amazon's ripoff overseas shipping charges soon make up the difference. I only use Amazon for availability.
That's right! Amazon's overseas shipping charges are steep. You often pay more in shipping charges than for the book itself, especially if it's a second hand book...
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are there any lettered copies left? if there are, I'll take one. signed by both Bukowski and the budgie, of course.
Most Buk books range around $15 to $17 here in West Virginia. That's poetry. Novels are $13 to $14. I think that's a bit high for novels, but the poetry is priced just about right.
The high cost on overseas shipping through Amazon may be due to the fact that the U.S. Postal Service no longer does surface shipping. Surface was cheap and perfect for non-expensive books. Now all they offer are Air Mail rates, and they cost a lot more.
Not if you put them in triple plastic bags, a sealed bag inside a sealed bag inside a sealed bag. Then they just float over. Unless the fish get to them. The post office makes no promises about fish.

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