Is there anybody in the Lower Bucks County area of PA (USA) that would like to chat? (1 Viewer)

I'm am really getting into Mr. Bukowski's works but I know of nobody to actually talk to about him.
It's almost excruciating when I read stuff like I'm reading now "Ham on Rye" and have no one to talk to
about this great piece of work.
So, if anybody lives in the Bristol/Bensalem area of Lower Bucks County area of PA (USA) and is interested in speaking some more about Bukowski, I would love to hear from you.
I'm a 50 year old, male who works in the field of elementary education.
Also, if you live nowhere near me, I do Yahoo messenger chat. So if anybody is interested in online chatting that would be great too!
I'm not what you would call highly educated on American literature but my appreciation for Bukowski's work
continues to grow in leaps and bounds.
I like this website but I can't stand that I can't get immediate feedback on other people's thoughts of his work.
I live and work in a fairly large metropolitan area, and I can count on 0 fingers the number of conversations about Buk that I've had in the last 10 years. Unless you count my wife's asking what the hell I'm doing on "that site," that is. So in that way my my friend, we are all residents of Lower Bucks County.
same here, nobody in this poor little cow town has ever heard of the man let alone read any of his works. Luckily the good folks at can fill that void and then some.


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I live in a third world country (kind of) in a town with a population of about 300 000 and yet there were at least 20 people I knew (when population was about 100 000) who were reading and enjoying Bukowski.
I always had someone to speak about Buk with.
But this is Europe... ?
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Yeah, I really don't have a problem finding people to talk to about Buk. Two of my close friends (I've known for 27 and 37 years) are Buk fans/readers. I am lucky.

But this is Philly... :p
I live way up north in the Canadian shield where everyone is a hunter and talk of polar bears in more common than Buk.

Not as lucky as PhillyDave with the friends unfortunately.
One could make the point that part of the whole purpose of having this fantastic website is to talk about Buk. Sure it's not in person, but then again you don't have to buy all the drinks for them either.
I don't know if there's anybody out there in this fucking town who reads Bukowski. Considering the condition of Bukowski books in the public library there must be someone, but I've never felt the urge to talk about reading experiences anyway.
We have this excellent site, countless treasures to discover and to think about, so there's just not enough time to talk. My wife likes to talk. I'm sick of it.
But you're right, of course, Ham on Rye is a great piece of work. I've recently read it and completely disagree with Sounes who wrote that it lacks humor.
Just think of ch. 24 and Richard Waite (thump, thump, thump...)

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you'll just have to settle for Lower 'Buks' County...

i mean this joint.

who wants to sit and stare at someone while your talking, anyways?

that's so old school.
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Someday you are all going to remember fondly the days when you couldn't find anyone who reads Buk. In NY I don't pull out a Buk book on the subway anymore because one of these young teenies with their fresh tattoos always go: "oh, Bukowski, I read that book! He's soooo cool!" And then I get off and puke into the nearest garbage can.

Why limit yourself to Bucks co? Here on this site you are chatting with the entire planet. Throw a party with plenty of booze and maybe some of us will come and crash at your place for a few months.

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