Is this a first edition/first printing? (1 Viewer)

I'm new here and not sure if this was posted in the correct place, if it isn't I'm truly sorry. I discovered Bukowski recently and I want to purchase this book, Is anyone able to clarify if this is a 1st/1st printing? Any help would be appreciated!

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Just a note on terminology: a first edition can exist in multiple printings. If no changes are made to the text, then the 2nd, 3rd, ...38th printings are technically all first editions. A second edition occurs when changes are made to the original text, as with Women. What you want are first printing copies. These are indicated by the color title pages. As mjp states, that about 99.9% of a reliable indicator, but I recall something like a second printing that someone here had or saw with a color title page.

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