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Is this a legal 3 dvd set? (1 Viewer)

I agree, but getting ebay to shut down a bootleg DVD when they refuse to shut down n obviously forged book would be next to impossible. At least the buyer of this will get something nice, as opposed to a Bukowski book that was signed a week ago...
Definately a bootleg of 'The Charles Bukowski Tapes' and the BBC documentary, 'The Ordinary Madness of Charles Bukowski', all packaged with the French cover of Born Into This... Bit of everything huh!
expect to spend a bunch of time telling them about thins only to have them hit the delete key witout paying it any attention. Ebay is not worried about shutting down auctions. They claim ignorance and they thin that allows them to remain blameless while thousands of their members commit massive fraud. This posting is only a minor issue as compared to forgeries and people that sell items that they never had using pictured that they stole from the internet....

I no longer buy movies on eBay, having been burned too many times by pirated copies (VHS and DVD) at high prices. Now I get my rare movies from Amazon as used items, and have not had a bad one yet.

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