Is this signature from Charles Bukowski real?


Here is another signature to compare it with, another one that looks FAKE:


I think both of these are FAKE signatures. Compare the down stroke in Charles, and compare the Upper Case B in Bukowski..Both look faked.


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I would disagree and say both are authentic. They are consistent with signatures from later in Bukowski's life.


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Not FAKE. The news -- now that's FAKE, everyone knows that. But these signatures are genuine. We know the person selling the book, and he can be trusted.

We don't really talk about why a signature may or may not be FAKE, because that just gives the grifters and ne'er-do-wells who FAKE these things tips on how to do a better FAKE job.

On a side note, it's kind of astounding how many signed Bukowski books, magazines and manuscripts are available on eBay. 140 different things at the moment, which seems like a lot, but maybe it's always that way.
Yes indeed. Not only must he have become a bit tired of signing books and/or book pages, but the advancement of age made his signature change considerably. These are both good, with 8 Story Window likely being late '80s-early '90s and Days likely being '92-'93 (I'm assuming he signed little, if anything in '94).
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Yeah, that seller is one that does NOT deal in anything questionable. Solid seller and one hat I would never hesitate buying from.

Also, as others have said, the signatures are 100% right.