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Sad Flower in the Sand
Probably thought a negative thought about Tom Cruise... Poor guy. Great talent there.

And Gerard is right... who's next? Bill Cosby?

Oh wait, this isn't a pool? OK, sorry...


Terrible loss for music. He wrote songs for Sam and Dave and played keys on other Stax recording sessions. IMO, the theme from "Shaft" is a masterpiece of rock/soul/funk. He also made history as the first African-American to win a musical Oscar (for that same song).
My band played yesterday and did a song by him, after the tune someone told us he had died.

My guitar player recorded a tune with him producing in the sixties.

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Holy shit!

The sad thing is, their deaths will in turn promote the hell out of the movie and that seems wrong. Thank you Jose.
That might be a very good movie.

This LINK was in that link of Jose's. Crazy.

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