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I was hoping you guys could help.

I purchased over the internet from who I think is a reputable book dealer 'Run With The Hunted' - the Black Sparrow Press 326 limited and signed edition.

I paid a solid price but wanted it for my collection in fine condition.

I know BSP used the Harper Collins pages and slotted it into its own boards.

However, I was very disappointed with the condition it arrived in.

The title page has a tear with the paper completely missing in the bottom left hand corner. There is another piece of paper (that is not the missing piece) pasted into the spine - it does not match the hole.

Furthermore, the spine has come off the book on that page. It looks like it has been poorly glued to begin with or there has been a repair job as minor paper tears run along the left hand side of the page.

This is the first time I have dealt with this dealer but he seems to have a very impressive collection of Bukowskis. I bought from him directly although he does list on ABE and alibris.

Anyway, has anyone else experienced issues with this book due to BSP pasting Harper Collins pages into its own boards? Any tears or poor quality workmanship from BSP's point of view?

Thanks and I look forward to your replies.


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Is it copy 272?

If so I almost bought that.

Different book.

And the book I bought was described as fine!! At least the seller was letting you know what was on offer.

It's interesting that both books have come away from the spine at the same area.

But how do you miss a hole on the title page?!

I was defintiely ripped off looking at the image posted. Much better title page than the one sent to me.

But let's see what the book dealer comes back with.

Thanks Hank Solo for the image.

Carvers Dog - I have 25 Bukowski BSP hard backs and all OK - except this one. Although no trouble with paperbacks.


I had a copy of that book that I sold some years back. Same problem. Also, the colophon page was in a strange position. I think that this may be my copy from so long ago!

When I sold it, I listed it with the condition as you mentioned, so the buyer knew what they were getting. That must have been 5 years ago.

I think that this release may have had that problem as I cannot imagine that my old copy is still making the rounds.

If it was mislisted, I'd ask for a refund. If they are an ABA member, they'll likely give you one. Who is the seller?



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The book you describe is in no way a fine copy. It's fair. That's either sloppy cataloguing or outright misleading.


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I think the problem with these hardbacks is that HarperCollins did not (does not) use the same quality paper that Black Sparrow did.

You can't make a silk purse out of of sow's ear, as the kids say.


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This should go back to the seller since the condition was misrepresented. May I ask who the seller is?
Thanks for all the responses.

I am glad to report the book dealer was excellent and will provide a full refund including my return postage.

Dealer claims did not check the book before posting and it may have been damaged in the store since cataloguing.

I would rather not name the dealer as the response has been quick and appropriate.

However, it sounds like the BSP version is trouble!!!

The colophon page is the first page - very strange spot and looks out of place.

Thanks everyone



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I'm glad this worked out for you PBBUK.
My two cents worth; I've owned one of 326 via BSP and now have one of the lettered.
I also own the Harper Collins version and have not had any issues with any of them.
The colophon in the front does look odd... clearly a Harper 'thing' as BSP didn't usually do that.
I am glad to report the book dealer was excellent and will provide a full refund including my return postage.

Dealer claims did not check the book before posting and it may have been damaged in the store since cataloguing.
On the other hand, the seller completely stepped up to the plate and made it right and it should be known to all that this seller stands behind their word. In the book business, this is critical as you are not buying a shirt off of the rack. You have to trus the seller will describe it accuratley and if there is a mistake that they accept it. Not all do. Some will just ignore your e-mails, or state that it was "as-is".

It is not a bad thing. I'd buy from them in a second knowing that if they screw up, they do not say "sorry, no refunds".

Just my thought.


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