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It is what it is
Firstly, does anyone here know if there was ever a wrap-around band or some other object used on the cover of this title?

Secondly, does anyone know of or have any paraphernalia relating to this title. I am trying to 'restore' my copy to its original state. I know these books were mailed in colorful tissue paper and had envelopes reproducing the skeleton image.
I'm after anything that directly relates to this book.

Pretty unusual to find those intact. Maybe even more unusual to find just the tissue or just the envelope, but you never know.

In the meantime, here's what you're looking for:



Someone else here might have better pictures.
Ditto. I've never seen, never heard of, never imagined that envelop existed. Very cool. It's gotta be worth more than the book itself. How many can still exist? And the tissue paper it was wrapped in??? Even rarer, I'd guess. That's what I'd call a complete copy, mjp.
It's not on there any more but it was at a reasonable price. Around 1850USD if memory serves. And it was the exact same ones as you posted images of... I can tell from the addressee - Harry Henderson - I remember that name coz I saw 'Intolerable Cruelty' around the same time, with characters like Miles Massey and Rex Rexroth.
Both the envelope and the tissue were/are in fairly crappy condition as you would expect.

The reason I'm harping on about the band is because I have a copy that is in mint condition. It was purchased in 1963, wrapped and stored in a drawer until the owner died... Then his wife sold it to me. It looks like it has never seen the light of day (sad in a way, really).
The one and only 'irregularity' on this otherwise pristine book is a tiny dab of binders glue on the 'front spine' which I assumed held something in place, albeit temporarily.
I also have a copy of Crucifix and I know Loujon did not use glue to hold the band in
I don't think I'm gonna get to the bottom of this one.
Thanks anyway.
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