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It Catches My Heart In Its Hands (1 Viewer)

Even though it's not noted, I think that the one on collectingbukowski.com with the turquoise cover is actually one of the odd "special editions" that Loujon put out. I'm sure that someone else here will have more info on that.
Yeah I noted the difference... and the starting price. Pretty damn good. Shame you posted it here and ruined it for me :p
And me :p (I wish)

There are several variations cover-wise.
it looks to be missing the back part of the cover. If so, this is a major flaw and would make the book worth less than the asking price, IMO. Remember, I sold a copy of this book on ebay a few months ago that was missing the signature page and it sold for a measly $180. This one on ebay could be a variant, but if it does not have that back part of the wrapper, then that is because if was removed, not because it was published that way.

Bill: I don't quite follow what you mean by "the back part of the cover." Do you mean the back wrapper, or the spine, or something else? If I had a copy myself (did, sold cheap, dumb me) I would probably compare and understand.

$180 is measly. Why oh why would somebody tear out the sig page? To frame and hang on the wall? Now that is truly dumb.
The book had a 2 part cover. When the book is in its closed state the multicolor pages shoudl not be visible. That mens that either the cover is folded back (Which is not a big deal), or it was opened and closed so many times that it came off and was lost. If that is the case, then this has a major flaw. If I had my copy close at hand, I'd take a picture. Ill try to do that today.

Thanks for the info Bill! Glad I didn't place a bid yet.

I'd rather wait and pay for a complete copy than get a cheap one missing something as big as a back cover.

Though I did think about bidding on your signature-less one just to have a copy awhile back. But once again, I waited for money\a better copy.
You can see the back cover "flap" in one of the pictures. It looks like they just have it folded under the last pages of the book, rather than covering the edge.

In any event, it seems like a pretty well worn copy for $500...but who knows. Bear in mind that books tend to look better in these small pictures than they do when you actually see them, so I would ask for larger pics if I was going to bid.

$500 is cheap for that book if it's in decent shape, but it's still a lot of cake to part with if you are ultimately disappointed.
Yes, that's a tough decision to bid or not. I once passed on a very rare book because the seller, in the UK, had no history. It was a one of a kind item, signed. I think maybe I should have gambled and gone for it. Not that I'm buying jack these days ...

Thanks for the info on the cover Bill.
Maybe one day he'll open a one-stop bukowski shop... :) BUK*MART
Glad I didn't try to bid on that one. I'll just pick one up on ABE at some point if I get desperate to separate myself from that much cash. I'm still going for something expensive enough on eBay.
that makes at least 5 copies of this that he has...
It's funny, because I don't think anyone would look at a collection with 4 or 5 of everything and say, "Wow, what a great collection." Multiples don't have anything to do with a great collection. You know, unless you have multiple Gutenberg's or something.

This guy is just an accumulator (he will end up like the crazy old women in the movie Grey Gardens, with raccoons eating all his books). That, or he has plans to one day open the Bukowski WalMart that hank solo suggested.

He reminds me of something I read in A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books (recommended by someone here...nymark?). There was an extremely rich guy who for years bought up every large collection that came up for auction. Would simply outbid everyone regardless of whether he paid 10 times more than the book's worth. He just had to win. It got to the point where people wouldn't even go to auctions if they knew his rep would be there. These are rare rare books we're talking about, and this character would drop millions of dollars in a day. And no one knew who he was. Ha.

That's a really great book, by the way.
It's funny, because I don't think anyone would look at a collection with 4 or 5 of everything and say, "Wow, what a great collection." Multiples don't have anything to do with a great collection.


It's quality, not quantity.

As I keep telling my wife.

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