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I'm thinking about buying an affordable copy of 'It Catches' for the archives of the Buk-society.

The cheapest I found on abe is this: 827140296 for 925.- USD.

What do you think would be a fair price for that one?

Or - do you know anybody who's willing to part with his/her copy for less?
i don't think the word "affordable" and "it catches" have been in the same sentence since the 80's. hell, maybe the 70's! your best bet is to wait for a somewhat worn copy on ebay and hope to take it for $450 or so. that's my 2 cents anyways. best of luck roni...
I was looking at it yesterday as well - but just can't bring myself to pay around $1,000 for anything with a tear in it. The next few have the previous owners' names in them - also not acceptable at that level.

I was the underbidder on the one on ebay recently:

I thought that was a fair price for the condition - although others on the forum thought differently.

The way I figure it - there's 777 - a decent amount - so I'm going to wait it out and try and pick up a good one for my $1,000. Because after I buy it - it aint going anyway in a hurry!

My aim is to buy it for my birthday in April.

So anyone with a fine copy around that time that wants a quick sale ...
I was actually thinking of picking one up with my tax rebate earlier this year... but then I realized I didn't have enough money. So I went with Crucifix instead...

Best of luck with your search. It'll probably be a tough one to get a reasonably priced copy...
You can get one on ebay if you are patient for $500, IF stnickl does not decide to bid on it. That is unlikely, so maybe it is best to wait. I have seen many of them sell on ebay for under $500. I even sold on with the signature page removed for $180.

thanks for advice friends.
so, I think I'll wait.
of course I wouldn't pay 180 for a copy without the signature page. at least not for the archive.
It's funny how the price/value of that book has remained pretty consistent in the past 10 years while some other things have doubled or tripled (or more) in value.

Just took out my copy after seeing the tissue inside on the eBay item. Never knew it had one. Had to find it (up front). Amazing. And that book looks like the dog got hold of it. This book is a rare gem; I can't believe it's not the most valuable (or one of) Buk's books. In short, I perceive it to be art, more so than a book...

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