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Hi, I'm new to the group. I have been a reader of Bukowski for about 25 years. I was turned on to him by a friend who gave me a copy of Ham and Rye when I was 18 or so. Since then, I can never seem to get his writing out of my head. I must be touched.

Gerard K H Love

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Welcome Leon, I hope you get your two front teeth for Christmas.

I made money when you beat Ali. Thank you.


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I watched Larry Holmes beat the hell out of Leon Spinks live in detroit.....not sure why I just said that......welcome.


more crickets than friends
Hmmm...I thought we were talking about Michael Spinks, who only lost to Tyson...Suspicious... Not sure why I said that, maybe because I just spilled Jack Daniels all over my Sears $200.00 pool table?



more crickets than friends
Well, I must say this very cheap pool table has withstood quite a many thing... In the middle of November it even stood the weight of two girls, who had way too much to drink at a going away party I was having for someone...I mean, sure each girl weighed maybe only 110lbs, but as I sat and begged my friend to get his girlfriend off the table, I feared it would come crashing down to the floor any second.... And how really, would I explain the broken table to my ex-girlfriend on one of her many visits back to the house, to pick up YET another thing, she believes she forgot....

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