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I just thought I should mention: I'm getting a little collection of Bukowski books in 'italian'. I'm not quite sure which novels I am getting but I can't wait to get my hands on them.

I am going to try and learn to read in italian (I have been trying for some time) and I am hoping reading the English version while looking at the italian will be an interesting, and difficult, way to teach the brain.

And one day I can see myself in italy drunk reading a bukowski poem aloud in fluent italian.

I've got a lot of German editions, some of them are really beautiful, unique. Abebooks is a great place to get German editions (from Germany, language can be a slight issue with some sellers), I've got some really good deals on (German) Horsemeat (2 versions, paperback, plus large format).
Some of the Italian/Spanish editions have really 'corny' covers (bad drawings of 'sexy' ladies, etc..). Some of the Japanese editions are really interesting (but with the cheapest stock(s) of paper known to man!). I'm not sure how 'some' avid collectors feel about all the FOREIGN editions (to be honest, don't really care...) but many of these are by far some of the nicest looking Bukowski's available. Once in awhile you get a book from Farsi, Poland, Hungary and you're not sure what to expect and it's a pleasent surprise...
just to 'make it clear', when I say I don't really care about what 'other' collectors feel about Foreign Editions, I simply mean; I enjoy them. My opinion won't sway by another's opinion that may differ... To each his own.

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