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Hello all you degenrate lifers in the prison cell of self=confessed ego room! I am back for a short time. A short ramblign time = as you can now read...

at the minute, i am in the west coast of scotland, for the passed few months (with a few more to go) I have been working in an very remote FISH farm run by a company called LandCatch! Working 6 days a week 8 till 5.

Living almost literally in the middle of communication! I am living in a cabin with three other people and work with many immigrants (mainly polish men and women). It's been a rough and tough experience as well as hard work.

I'm in a tiny local library at the moment in a place called Lochgilphead and I mamnaged to get online and I'm firing off messages to everywhere I forgive me for telling all this news as though it was actually important or that you actually cared what the hell this noone was doing all the time of his nothing life everything life.

I'll be back in Glasgow and reality by the end of Feburary! I'll be back in Buk net speiling my madness at the wall! hope alll is hell and well as cannot be.

'i'm thinking of death ironically
while smoking a cigarette of death
and feeling the dying - bit by bit....'
- someone :eek:
hey man -

of course i dont know you but

hope your having an enlightening time -

dont let the harsh sea winds

rip off your face -

- paul
Hi, Olaf. Here's an old Zappa quote about fish for you...

There are three things that smells like fish
one of them is fish
the other two
is growing on you...:D
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That bottling incident was a long time's strange how time sprints...!

I am back home now but I leave to go back to the farm this evening. I want to stay. But I'll be back home for good by the end of Feb.

my wee life
has taken
some shape
and form
but for how long
and how well
will it hold?

when i get
back to the city
will I have my
feet firmly
with my mind!

i feel it is so.

sounds like a good/hard time.

for some reason, your first post in this thread made me think of
The Old Man And The Sea by Hemingway. Ahahahah, don't ask me why.

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