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Charles Bukowski was a pretty prolific writer, and because of this, he wrote a lot of bad stuff. You know, just rambling. Especially the stuff that was published posthumously. But, his good poetry is unmatched for its insights and of course the ways he told his stories. I really hate here, the people who seem to like him as a "Fuck you, I'm drunk, Let's fuck" writer. It's like you like him because he used all the words your mom and grandma told you that you couldn't use. It's kind of an immature reading of his work and an immature appreciation of it.

Someone asked here if they went to his grave, should they do something gross as a tribute to him. That's not a tribute to the man or his work, and no, he wouldn't like that. He didn't like assholes. He was often a serious writer and though he was uncomfortable around people, he was gracious in the way he shared himself, especially in correspondence. Here's an example of his substance. And these are they types of thoughts he would like you having at his grave. He wouldn't like you pissing and yelling Fuck You. Those are moron moves.


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I've not been a member on here for very long, but it seems to me people on here are the real Bukowski fans. Not the ones who like Bukowski because he wrote swear words and drank a lot. I've learned a lot already from reading posts on here. Some very knowledgeable people around here.
I think at this point you don't have to keep mentioning you had a correspondence with Bukowski. There's been many people here who knew the man, met the man, blew the man, etc. I hope you stick around, but in a somewhat less professorial way.
Exactly how many people, here, fit that profile?

Your third post in a forum probably shouldn't be a blanket insult. Especially when you could learn much more here than you could ever hope to teach.
MJP: First thank you for this site that allows people access to Bukowski readers; I am sure it is a labor of love. As to what I said about people who seem to like Bukowski for some different reasons than I do, well that only applies to you if it applies to you. If not, please don't be insulted. All the best to you.
sway with me, everything sad -
madmen in stone houses
without doors,
lepers steaming love and song
frogs trying to figure
the sky;
sway with me, sad things -
fingers split on a forge
old age like breakfast shell
used books, used people
used flowers, used love
I need you
I need you
I need you:
it has run away
like a horse or a dog,
dead or lost
or unforgiving.

Charles Bukowski
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