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Kudos, first, for the HUFFINGTON POST piece...great stuff!

Also: I can't wait to show the Chance Press book of Carol's work to my niece. She's about to turn 9, and loves truly art--and in much the same way that reading Bukowski and Henry Miller and Kerouac did for me--I really think seeing Carol's stuff will "click" for her, and cement in her mind the value of art as a means of expressing herself. Carol's work is full of vibrant whimsy and a confidence and such subtle craftsmanship...I'm hoping it inspires my niece! I think it will.

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Yes... I somehow hypnotized Bill into publishing a few of my poems with some artwork. I still can't believe I got away with it. Anyway, I'm spending December with gouaches specifically for this upcoming publication that I'm crazy thrilled about. I'm gettin' away with murder over here!

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