It's nothing to laugh about - Impetus no 5 Winter 1960-61 (1 Viewer)

Trying desperately to purchase this because I'm told it's rare. I'm negotiating a price. Until then, here are the photos. I really like the poem . Early Buk.


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Te-he-he, grabbed these before you know who deleted them.
Thanks, Days. BTW, you posted each of the photos twice.

Edit 1: This one was published in The Roominghouse Madrigals. I wonder if it was edited.
Too lazy busy to check right now.

Edit 2: It's been edited (by JM?) sure enough. Pretty large chunk toward the end of the poem had been chopped off, beside other "corrections."
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wonder also if it was edited?
You're buying these expensive old magazines, but you don't have the poetry collections (all of which could probably be bought for the price of one of these mags) to do comparisons?

Meet us half way, brah.
You're absolutely right, mjp. But I do have most of Bukowski 's collected books ( the cheap paperback editions) but somehow I have a fondness for those early mags because ( aside from Bukowski's work) I can read the works of those other poets of Buk's generation , ie Blazek, Levy, Richmond, etc. Almost every mag I've purchased has at least one or more of the so-called " meat" poets--their uncollected works, too.
But, you're right, it can get expensive, but I'm trying to be very cautious and to not overpay and purchase only those that are rarely seen on Abe, Amazon, or eBay.
For instance, there's an early Buk mag ( flame, 1959) up at auction right now on eBay that is already overpriced ( $50) because I've talked to a few of my collector / dealer friends and they informed me that not only is Buk's poem atypical ( a rhyming poem) but the mag is not that rare and can be bought ( if you know the right sources) for under $50. But --no doubt-the way the bidding is going someone is going to overpay ( perhaps $100 or more) believing because it was published in 1959 it's rare. This is what I'm attempting to avoid.

Yeah, I'm not saying pursuing those old mags is a bad thing. You've asked/wondered aloud a few times now whether something was edited, which gave me the impression you couldn't check them yourself.

A lot of people think most of those old mags are under-priced, so buying them could be a smart investment. I don't know about that, and I'm way too obsessive to go down that road in any event. I'd spend half my time trying to get them all. And that's not even possible.

Interesting to note though, that a "new" one - one we've never heard of - doesn't come around very often. A certain well known Bukowski collector has told me that the database is missing more than half of Bukowski's appearances (there are 750 magazines listed here). That there were "thousands." If it were true, we'd see "new" magazines all the time. But we don't, so I think it's a stretch to believe that there are even a thousand.

Every magazine appearance isn't listed in the database, and they never will be. I know there are more out there to find. But not thousands. Hundreds maybe.
I know there are more out there to find. But not thousands. Hundreds maybe.
Yes, it's hard to imagine their being even a hundred mags missing from your comprehensive database. But--coincidentally-- I just purchased "The Little Magazine " Double Issue Numbers Two & Three Summer-Fall 1972 and was informed that--in addition to being rare--it contains two uncollected poems by Bukowski: " The Brainless Eyes" and " The Sun, The Business, The Hell of It" . I notice that this issue and the two poems are missing from your databases so when I receive it. ( probably middle of next week) I will be sure to post. It 's always exciting when I encounter a mag with Bukowski's uncollected poems.



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