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Hey there. I've been in Chicago all week and haven't visited this Forum once, so if anyone has commented on a post of mine and is wondering why I'm ignoring them, I'm not. I'll catch up when I get home tomorrow.

Went last night to an early showing of A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS at the film festival here in Chicago. Great movie. The author/director Dito Montiel (spelling?) was there and did a Q&A. Very interesting. And Chicago is a hell of a city.

Stopped by two used bookshops (no time for more...my wife has set a furious pace for our sightseeing) and saw only ECCO editions. One place had a note about two rare chapbooks for sale if you ask at the desk (I forget the titles), and at the other, they said all the Buk was at the front counter. I guess his books get stolen here. So I wasn't tempted to spend any money on books.

Now more crazed sightseeing...

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