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I've been asked by a guy from a publishing house in Russia to make contact with Daisy Montfort in order to deal with a photograph for a cover.

I must admit:
The pic in question - I've never seen it before.
So I ain't sure, if it's a Montfort-shot at all.

It's the cover of the upcoming Cannongate-book 'Pleasures of the Damned'. Sure, I could ask them, where they got this pic from and this would be my next step. But first, I thought, maybe someone of you can tell me about the photographer.

it's this:


To me, it looks a bit like a screenshot from the 'Apostrophe'-show. But I haven't checked.
To me, it looks a bit like a screenshot from the 'Apostrophe'-show. But I haven't checked.

I have, and the shirt looks very much like the shirt he's wearing in the 'Apostrophe'-show. There's a very good chance it's a screen shot from the show.
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Yes, my first thought was 'Apostrophe' too - and Montfort I believe was there snapping him during the show, so perhaps?
[...] - and Montfort I believe was there snapping him during the show, [...]

That was my first idea too. But then I remembered, Montfort was with Hank on the Germany-trip, but not on the France-trip. (They only appeare in 'Shakespeare' as one trip, while in fact they were two.)

It remains a puzzle somehow.
That's a great image.
He looks every bit the wild writer.
It does look like it's from the Apostrophe show, yes.

and the book...

Published: 14 Jan 2010
528 pages
Price: £14.99

If it was a hardback, I would buy it even though I already have the Ecco copy.
Wow, that's the Bukowski I love (compared to the horrible one with Schroeder :D ) !

I'd also say it's from "Apostrophes" : same shirt, same hair, same beard.
Yes, the deeply crazed look in the eyes is marvelous. A bit like Jack Nicholson's "Here's Johnny"! scene in "The Shining"...
It certainly appears to be studio or stage lighting, whether it's Apostrophes or not. Many live shows like that have still photographers on the staff to document things. All of the late night talk shows and many of the scripted comedies in the US, for example, have photographers shooting during the tapings. It may be that a staff of network photographer took the picture.
partly solved

Though I still don't know, if that's from 'Apostrophe', I do know the name of the photographer now:

Ulf Anderson

Haven't heared of him before. I guess, it is not the chessplayer of that name.
I see! Nice research, Roni.
Maybe one day we'll find out where the photo was shot. So far the Apostrophe show seems to be the best bet.
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i'd say that i'm 99% sure that photo is from Apostrophe. semi-shiny black shirt, beard, hair and lighting, etc all seem to match up...

I don't think this is Montfort's either. I worked with him on a few projects. Just for the helluvit, I had a go at trying to re-do the image without the lettering. Attached is that attempt.

Buk - a photoshop attempt to remove lettering.jpg
That is close. The only problem is that he now has Christopher Walken's hairline :eek:

Still, much, much better than I could have done, so I'm not hatin' (as the kids say).

Thank you, although I have to agree with Gerald KH that it does have a bit of a Frankenstein-ish look to it. I didn't spend enough time on it. The proper way to do it is to use another similar photo and meld in features from other image. I miss Michael. We had some great times together before he left LA. For any forum members who would like to see the project we did, here are the two images that we developed into photogravrures:

Bukowski in Germany high res - with signatures.jpg Buk in Hollywood high res - with signatures.jpg
Here's my run at it... no other photo used, just lots of careful re-sampling (pointless, but you know ;))

Cool photo.

There's a great photo of Bukowski seated leaning against the back of a chair that I saw printed in Soune's Bukowski In Pictures. I lost a bidding war for a poster copy on EBAY not too long ago, probably lost to one of you, dammit. ;)

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