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So here it is, after 20 years hitting the bottle, I've quit. I saw a pattern arising. Jobs lost, girlfriends lost, disconnected with my family. Years running in Asia. I've had enough. Four days in now. Feeling eerie, like the walls are closing in, like I've lost a true friend. Oh. Anybody out there ever went cold turkey? I wouldn't exactly say I was an alcoholic, never had the DTs, but a psychological dependence, yea, for sure. And I don't want to desert Buk just because I have quit, he was so much more than that. But to be honest, this evening, it's about 11PM in China, I daren't read him, and yet ... Man.
Drink makes its tolerable; drink makes it impossible - a wiseman once said. Fuck.
If you've seen a pattern of damage in your life, and you are honest enough to see that drinking is causing problems then you're definitely doing the right thing.

Whether you need to quit completely or just learn new drinking habits, well only you can find that out.

Good luck.
Congrats! - You have done the right thing. You saw your life being ruined by drinking alcohol daily and took the consequences. Good for you. Well done!
Best wishes...
Good luck.

Thanks for your support all of you. Hank, I just don't know if I CAN learn how to drink in moderation. It's like I'm having this internal conversation with myself 24 hours a day at the moment - "Well, two beers on a Friday ain't the end of the world!" etc. etc. But I think it would just escalate, as it has done before. But you're right about the pattern of damage in my life. Estranged from family members etc. Been out in Asia a long time and the ex-pat culture is very heavily bound up in alcohol. But I'm getting sick and tired of all those meaningless bar conversations revolving around pussy and ... pussy. Don't get me wrong dadada but I would really like to meet someone whose reading tastes go beyond Dan Brown and Harry Potter. There's other things of course. I'm fatigued and depressed and most days wait for the evening to consume. So...
Warren Zevon said when he quit something like it was a cowardly way to live and die. I'm not sure if I agree but I sure as hell, in 38 years, haven't done as many as those things I wanted to do. And I don't mean empire building and all that nonsense, I mean, simple things, reading more, reflecting more, learning more, ah, loving more.

I really appreciate all your comments. Thanks.

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