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Sad Flower in the Sand
OK so yeah I've been gone awhile... probably about two weeks at this point... sorry for that, if you missed me. I've decided I officially hate being an adult and having to sacrifice things in order to pay for the repair of a washer\dryer... but the Internet is back on in the LickTheStar household and I should be back, as far as I can see into the near future.

How's it been? What'd I miss? What hearts has mjp broken lately?

Anyhow, a couple of weeks back, right around when this madness started, I had the pleasure to attend a reading of David Barker's Death At The Flea Circus by the illustrious David Barker. In addition to being a funny, interesting reading (with many asides to give insight into the creation and, at long last, publication of the novel itself), I was able to talk to David's wonderful wife about this and that (mostly the sorry state of the book business) and even had a few minutes to talk to David afterward.

Now despite what you may have heard, you wouldn't want to spit in David's face. I had a fresh loogie ready, but ended up not needing it! David reads very well. When does Bottle of Smoke release a copy of the audiobook read by the author?

If you're in the Salem, OR area, you should definitely hunt down David. And if you haven't already, you should definitely buy a copy of Death At The Flea Circus, one of the strangest, funniest, and insane books I've ever read (in a good way!).
What did you miss, you ask ? I underwent triple bypass surgery on May 29 and my recovery is going fine. Although mjp was cleared of all suspicion in any "heartbreak" or other types of cardio-malfeasance*, he still might be involved in other people's stomach-aches, constipation, etc..

Good to see you back. The family washer/dryer ALWAYS takes precedence, of course and glad to hear David is out there reading and is worthy of some audio publication.

*tricky lawyer word I invented
Thanks for the kind words, Lick The Star. I feel like I could have made a better selection, but I'm not used to reading fiction -- have only read fiction in public maybe twice before, and then very short stories. I didn't find my rhythm, missed a few beats -- it could have been better. But my comments on writing (or what I can remember about writing) the book probably made up for the selection. I knew what I wanted to say and did it without too much manic rambling and goofiness. It helped that the crowd was not only very small, but friendly. I'm sure glad you were there. Thanks for making the trip.

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