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Sometimes, it's not the mailman, it's the Post Office. Bukowski's "Post Office" described the Post Office up to the late '60's. I've written a novel, "Postal Service"
which describes the Post Office since Bukowski left it. Much of it hasn't changed.
It is available on amazon.com. Would like some feedback.
I checked out the link. There's only one review of the book so far and it's not a positive one. It was made by a guy named "urbanasphalt (the Bukowski republic)". The name intrigued me so I looked up his other two Bukowski reviews on Amazon. Here's his review of Living On Luck. Apparently, he's another one of those buknet haters:

The second book of letters published by Black Sparrow Press, this volume gives the reader a good idea of the goofyness and despair of a working-class life. Leavened with humour and insight, ranking with the great books of letters of 20th-century American literature. The denizens of Bukowski.net take heed: the moderator is a failed artist who yearns for respectability, but has found none. His criticisms of Bukowski's editor, John Martin, are unfounded!

Here's the link:

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a guy named "urbanasphalt"
a.k.a. MULLINAX. It's safe to throw whatever he writes into the "mentally ill lunatic" basket (it might be called "the trash can" at your place).

Now he will read this (he obsessively reads every word on the forum), and in a sadly predictable flurry of impotent rage, send me an unintelligible email from his hovel.

In 3...2...
Well he hasn't read it, so his opinion is questionable. He only learned about it reading this forum. There was no review of the book last night.
a.k.a. MULLINAX. It's safe to throw whatever he writes into the "mentally ill lunatic" basket (it might be called "the trash can" at your place).

Jezuz! Is it Him? Had I known that, I would'nt have posted it here because I know he's in the habit of writing you whenever an opportunity presents itself.

The trash can? We call it "vertically archiving", meaning, throwing the stuff in the wastebasket. :D

- If Mullinax says the the book is bad, then it's probably okay.
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The funniest thing is:
The author should learn that his incessant irony is a poor replacement for literary merit.I read this book in a barbershop where someone had left it.

Isn't Mulli. bald?

Now I want to read the book too.;)
Isn't Mulli. bald?
Who knows. He's very careful not to reveal anything about himself. So he must be pretty unfortunate looking. You know, to hide like that.

But you can read his resume below if you're bored. He would have you think he's a rough and tumble Los Angeles barrio dweller, but he's really a Canadian nebbish living in Japan translating technical manuals and bad screenplays. But I guess you take what you can get when you're in his shoes.



Aoyama 6-8-15
Niigata-ken 950-2002
Phone and Fax: +81 (25) 267-1394
E-mail: [email protected]

Translating French and Italian texts into English


Fluent in English, French and Italian
Five Years Experience (end users: Japanese Government, Algeria Telecom, Keio Group, Keizai Shimbun Newspaper, Renault, etc.)


TRANSLATION: Literature, legal and educational texts, technical manuals.

PROOFREADING: Same as above


1. Biography Series: Japanese writers (Researching, writing, editing, proofing)
2. Electric Muscle Stimulator: Italian to English Manual (Translation)
3. Telematics: French to English Manual (Translation)
4. Universal Postal Union: (Text translation)
5. "Angela's Ashes": (Film Transcription)
6. Diary of a Sicilian Rebel Girl: (Film translation)
7. Japanese Government: (Editing and proofing speeches and documents)
8. Keizai Shimbun Newspaper: (Writing copy)


IBM Thinkpad, MS Office 2000, MS WORD, Word Perfect Suite 8, e-mail, printer, fax, etc.


McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
BA., History and Political Science, 1989


Canadian and Italian Citizen (Dual Nationality)
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If that's the case, there should be a whole set. Each with a different picture of Bukowski on it. And if you buy so many copies, you get a Linda Lee Bukowski lighter "free."
I've written a book of poetry, it's called "Love Is A Dog From Below." You can purchase it It's about relationships and stuff, but it's after Bukowski stopped writing about relationships and stuff, so it's kinda like I took over where he left off. My next book is called "Girls," it's all about my childhood and teenage relationships. So I'm like kinda doing the prequel to Bukowski's "Women," but not really copying him. Ok thanks!
That's right, collecting is more important than reading, you just have to own a lot of things (no matter what products) so you can say hey look at me motherfucker, I have all this stuff and you haven't, poor little bastard, I can flaunt it while you can't and that's the meaning of life, right? Some win, some lose and you loooooose.

Pomo means post mortem, right?

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