Jack Hirschman's Bukowski Collection (1 Viewer)

Box 3 contains Hirschman's Bukowski collection, sorted alphabetically. Individual items may be located by title, author, or sometimes date in the finding aid. All materials are in good condition, with some items, like the Bukowski special editions, in mint condition.

If I was still in L.A. I would make an appointment to go have a look-see. I'll be in L.A. next week on a job but I don't think I can squeeze in the time. You know, when I lived in North Beach I saw and chatted with Jack almost every day for a year and I never thought of asking him anything about Bukowski.
Your best bet is to email them and not Jack. I don't think he'll remember the contents of those boxes. When I last talked to him he didn't seem too eager to talk about Bukowski.
Here's one:


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