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It's odd to think that Pollock was born in 1912! I always associate him with the 50s, like he was born when the world became aware of him. I hate his fucking art, or at least the art he became known for, but he was punk rock, so I have to respect him.
I know it's unpopular not to be totally enthusiastic about him. I DO appreciate his contribution to the NYC school of AbEx, but he wasn't my favorite of the bunch when there were artists like:

Man Ray

who I liked so much more. Especially Robert Motherwell.
I like all them people also (especially Cy Twombly and Franz Kline), I just think Pollock, like Bukowski (for better or worse) was a game-changer. stuff that came after them was affected by their work. not copies necessarily, but informed by it.

Pollock isn't my favourite painter, there are probably 20 (ok, 15) ahead of him for me. but he did things in the art world that created such a division of opinion that I can't help liking him. he was balls out.
I'm drinking tonight to Jackson Pollock, who would be 100 today.


and I might be doing a Pollock roadtrip in the fall.
Having seen his work displayed in both London and Paris, I can honestly say his paintings simply blow me away. I think it might just be the sheer scale matched with the movement of strokes/drips.

And then came Pop Art...yawn.
I might be doing a Pollock roadtrip in the fall.
...hopefully not the kind of roadtrip that Pollock took. Well, guess you won't be driving an Oldsmobile.
BTW, worth checking out the new book of letters by the Pollock family, mainly from the 30s - an insight into a forgotten section of American mainstream society in the depression: ordinary, committed socialists. Pollock himself wasn't much of a writer but a lot of social and family details keep it lively.

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