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just noticed that bukowski met john martin on an anniversary of janes death. ok, just thought that this was kind of ironic. two major happenings on the same date. wonder if Buk ever realized this?
Funny coincidence! Buk must have realized it. I can't imagine that fact slipping by him. I wonder what he made of it, if anything...
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shit!.. I should of saved that for the Buk trivia thread, but this is what happens on these boring, 12 degree, snowing like a sumanabitch, mid-winter michigan nights. of course then again I got the info from the "todays events" blurb at the bottom of the forum page. so I guess that the "all knowegable MJP" should get the credit for this fact. and yes, F.L., I think that this is an oxymoron. either that or I am....
I also saw this coincidence a few days ago. Hard to believe that Bukowski remembered the first time he met John Martin since he didn't keep a diary.
I think that date comes from a letter Martin wrote to Bukowski (check in "unpublished and uncollected").

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