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old and in the way
According to the seller, the Japanese translation of this title is "I live entering my death into my pocket."

Plus, I love the Japenglish description from this seller:

"When I read this book, I felt the contents were so serious and they were let me thought about a lot of things about my death.

Robert Crumb's illustrations add some gently taste to this book's contents and let my heart warmed.

I think it is a nice book."

It seems that "pocket" is pronounced "Pocket" in Japanese. Interesting.

Looking forward to my Friday nite sushi... Not bad sushi for Dover, really...

I have nothing to gain from the sale (just so there is no question on my motive...), but I'd recommend buying it. I bought a copy off him, it arrived from Japan to Canada in under a week, which seemed REALLY quick. He even offered to go to local Japanese bookstores to help me get OTHER Japanese BUK editions (at cost). His English is very poor, but he was very DECENT when I dealt with him... For 20 bucks it's a cool book to have, they use very thin/cheap paper, and for some crazy reason it's backwards?!?!?!
Sounds like a nice guy.
If anyone wants a Japanese book by Bukowski they should go for Pulp. It has some great images to go with the text.

Also, Shakespeare Never did this has a lot more photos than the original City Lights or BSP editions.

And, for some reason, they split Women into two books. Both hardbacks and both much nicer productions than either of the three books mentioned above.
I like the japanese Pulp image. It's much better than the original...
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:o I bought from a large large bookstore in Tokyo last time I was there. I have acouple of Japanese friends who return home every year. I could ask one of them to get you a copy or you could ask the guy on eBay.

I'd be happy to get a copy for you and mail it to you.
Attached is a scan of the cover of a Japanese language edition of The Most Beautiful Woman In Town & Other Stories: don't recall where I got it, but the photo is a nice one... MJP: there's a bookstore downtown (Los Angeles) in Japantown where you can order titles -- I purchased a copy of the two volume Women, and a copy of Hot Water Music...


I think it is a nice book."

I agree. This appears to be a beautifully and meticulously produced edition. To my eyes, everything bespeaks of quality and loving care. If I were a buyer of such items I'd want it in my permanent collection: it interests me more than some of the domestic editions. I'm glad others are in a position to be caretakers for posterity of such lovingly-produced, glowing items.


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