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Can't believe he's dead. I would imagine I'm not the only Jay Reatard fan on the site. In any event, I enjoyed his music immensely and got the chance to meet him at Amoeba Records in Hollywood last summer... Who knows how he died, I'm sure we'll find out soon, but 29? Ayyyyy, yes he made it past the 27 years that many died at, but still way too young to go. Any other fans?
Yeah, total shock. I'm a big fan of The Reatards, Lost Sounds and his recent solo stuff One of the few decent songwriters around this decade.

I watched this short documentary yesterday. It's sad hearing him talk at the end about his fear of death & his aim just to create as much music before he dies.http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=61533697

Here are some of my favourite songs written by him - but there's so many great ones!


RIP - he probably had many more albums left in him. Only 29:(
I didn't know anything about him but it seemed he knew what he wanted to do.
The stuff about making his drum kit is excellent.
I have downloaded some songs that I haven't heard so as I write I have no idea if I like his stuff but at first look I may. There is talk of homicide..
Wow, I had not read any news about homicide? That would suck. He does a pretty sick version of , in adddition to all his original stuff.
there was a story on pitchfork talking about homicide, but then the story was pulled a few hours later without a trace.
Never seen this thread until today.

Edit: I'm now watching the documentary
and I vaguely remember I've seen it before.
there was a story on pitchfork talking about homicide, but then the story was pulled a few hours later without a trace.
An autopsy was performed by the Shelby County medical examiner. Memphis's Commercial Appeal reported on February 3 that Lindsey had died of "cocaine toxicity, and that alcohol was a contributing factor in his death."
If you haven't seen this video, taken shortly before his death, check it out. He looks pretty wired or just not to well, also makes a couple drug references. It was shot at Amoeba records in Hollywood for their random "What's in my Bag" videos.

very sad. i think he had the right idea as far as his art was concerned.

why can't this shit happen to justin beaver or lady gag uhh...

ps - coke sniff @ 1:20

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