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Hello everyone...

From Belgium here but Italian born.
My first introduction to Buk sas through the movie « Tales of ordinary madness » featuring Ben Gazzara and Ornella Muti. At First I rejected it. I was too young, still full of hope and illusions. A few years later I was ready, I tried to read the book and that was it, I became through experience much more aware of realit, raw reality.
I read and read. Everything I could, both in American and french.
He became a second father, quite the opposite of the real one.
Both had their issues with life, suffering, misery and both reacted in opposite way.
I very much missed my father from being sixteen through thirty four.
He died. Later I learned to respect him.
Yet he was so different from Buk and here I’m, right in between, lost.
A little of both.
61 now. Still lost, a misfit. With a Phd but still lost.
Buk brought so much for me.
Emotions, laugh, his bitterness yet his resilience.
Recently I met by chance the wife of Dominique Deruddere, film director, autor of Crazy Love based on Love is a dog from hell.
He lives in LA and it would be a good idea to talk to him if not yet done. Buk loved the movie she said.
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