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Hello. Just wanted to let any of you folks that are interested know about this upcoming release. This is being published by a new publisher, Ragged Lion Press out of London. I am distributing copies in North America, so you will not have to wait for copies to come from England. This will be their second book release and 4th release overall. Anyhoo, I am the printer/designer, but Edwin Sellors is the publisher. He is a good guy. Anyone interested should poke around here a bit. Only three deluxes left. Both editions will sell out fast.!publications/c1enr


THE BLACK BOOK by Jeremy Reed and Arthur Rimbaud

A new translation, and modern reworking of Arthur Rimbaud's A Season in Hell, by Jeremy Reed. Released here in its first edition of 113 copies, fully letterpress printed and hand-bound in hardback. Printed on 130gsm Hahnemühle Bugra paper on a Vandercook SP-15 press. Secure your copy and pre-order below. Released March 2016.

100 copies (1-100). Fully-bound in letterpress-printed black cloth covers with purple endpapers. Signed by the author.

£40 (incl. p&p)

10 deluxe copies (A-J). Fully-bound in letterpress printed velvet covers with paste-paper endpapers. Each copy contains an original holograph poem by Jeremy Reed. Signed by the author & housed in a custom- made matching clamshell.

£125 (incl. p&p)
Speaking of Ragged Lion... (from their website)

We will be releasing a monthly offering of Literature from Spring 2016. Styled on the aesthetic of the 1970s SPARROW, published by Black Sparrow Press, the journal will be fully letterpress printed, and hand-bound by Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press, on a Vandercook SP-15 that was once owned by Henry Morris at Bird & Bull Press, from 1963 until 2013.

The journal features previously unpublished essays, art, short fiction, and poetry.

The first 4 issues include previously unpublished works by Jack Micheline, A D Winans, Andy Clausen, Pamela Twinning, Gerard Malanga, John Dorsey, Hosho McCreesh, Adrian Manning, Clarence Major, Jeremy Reed, D R Wagner, John 'Jazzman' Clarke, Erika Krouse, Joseph Ridgwell, Derek Adams, Yannis Livadas and many more...

We will be releasing small runs of the journal, starting off with 200 copies - if it is well received we'll print more - so if you'd like to secure your copy, please pre-order below. £7 (incl. p&p), or first four issues special offer of £22 (incl. p&p).

Find out more/pre-order copies
'A season in Hell' is one hell of a great little emotional horrorshow. I love it.

p.s., b.t.w.:

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