Jesse Crumb has died (1 Viewer)

read about that yesterday. sad.

i heard he had a very "complicated" relationship with his father.
Unfortunate news.

I love the scene in Zwigoff's documentary in the comic book shop where the haystack behind the counter is trying to get R. Crumb to autograph some early stuff (for financial reasons) and Crumb acts like a total asshole toward the guy and the camera turns to Jesse and a buddy a few rows back and they are watching the whole thing and just grinning ear to ear. Good stuff.

found this through an article about jesse crumb. he left a review on Amazon about the doc and much more.

Well..this review is part ego..part truth..but I figure you need to know...this movie..cost some of those involved uhh..their sanity..for starters....I now spend 6 hours driving to therapy in S.F. from Eureka...every week..people came out of the wood work after the film...that was great..real ego rush, lot's of money was made...I sold all the artwork I had done to that point, Sketch am frozen, have been for a few years..(coming out of it now..finally...starting to paint) I call...paralysis of the will..and it's been 10 years...seems like longer..I was unprepared..and the aftermath..well they don't tell you what to do..and your 24 or so, young...stupid..lucky..can be a great combo..or a deadly's been good and bad..but Terry he did an excellent job...he made one of the best "reality based" pieces ever..and way ahead of the times..unfortunately he dis-likes me quite allot now...we were friends once..I used to stay at his place whenever I was in the city...we would go eat burritos and maybe track Max down, go to yard sales and move furniture around his's all over now..a double edged sword Terry's film...double the ego rush...but the mind was messed up just the same...but it is one of the best documentaries ever really is..and I say that with the objectivity born of dislike for many of the people can trust me because I have nothing to gain by saying this..and nothing to lose...this is a great laugh too...a great "black Comedy" if you liked "the Plot against Harry"(coming out..unbelievably in February..I think...great movie..) or "A shock to the System" you'll love should have been like "Blair witch" a phony production...that would have made it even better...but I have yet to see a documentary as good..well that's it for ego rush for wish's...and watch out..reality T.V. isn't all it's cracked up to be...
I like the way Crumb portrayed Jesse in a Dirty Laundry comic:

Jesse 1.jpg

(According to his father) Jesse apparently used to swear a lot:

Jesse 2.jpg
Jesse 3.jpg

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