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Jesus - have you seen this! (1 Viewer)

And the sad part is that it is an early, authentic, signature. I wonder what it was originally attached to? "scrapbooked to protect" indeed! Someone needs to protect him from himself. He has, in effect, devalued the signature.
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Very, very strange. "Scrapbooked to protect" is kind of like libraries that disbind, microfilm and then trash rare books because they're fragile and might crumble into dust someday hundreds of years from now. So did the rest of the signed book get scrapbooked to protect it? Weird thinking. I always suspected scrapbooking is evil.
All I can say is "ouch."

Cutting signatures from letters and books was common decades ago, but I didn't know people still mangled things that way. To protect them. Oy. Kind of like putting varnish on a baseball that the 1928 Yankees signed. Too bad.
Actually, I've heard rumors that people use to cut the paintings out of the early Bukowski titles to frame and hang. The presumption is that there aren't as many books with paintings as the limitation pages would indicate. I have no proof of this, so who knows?
Seems like the painting alone might have as much value as the book now anyway. Not for the really early stuff, but for a lot of them...

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