Jim Haddox trained as a pilot ...

I found some info on, possibly, the same James Haddox and Bukowski friend "lost over the Pacific" as I remember from Ham on Rye. The personal archives claims he was lost in action over Netherlands.

"Last Known Activity
James Ralph Haddox was born in Long Beach, California, on June 1, 1921. He was the son of Romeo and Ruth A. Anderson Haddox. His father was a Captain in the USAAF; in September 1942, his mother joined the WACS.

He attended and graduated from Los Angeles High School in 1939. He then attended college, although the particular college has not been determined as of yet..."

Here is more on fallen Haddox, James R., 1st Lt
Bukowski's friend Jimmy Haddox, James Ralph Haddox is my Grandfather. My father James was just a baby when my Grandfather's bomber "Sugarfoot" was shot down.

I wish I had discovered their friendship before Bukowski died so that I could have learned more about my Grandfather. Evidently they were very close, and Bukowski even went with my Nana & Grandfather when they got married in Vegas.