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If you never heard the name you should check out some of his work. It was really groundbreaking stuff in its time -- and you know what, it still is. It was storytelling, but not the way the idiot podcasters (a group in which I include myself) tell stories. Frank spun hypnotic tales, ya dig, and if you were on that wavelength they were things of beauty.

There are a very small number of people who can say they created things of beauty, and Joe probably wouldn't have said it about himself, but it was true.

I wish there was a comprehensive archive of all of his shows, but there isn't. There's a lot of stuff on YouTube, and there's this.

In this show Ira Glass from This American Life talks about being a production assistant for Joe (skip to 27:20 - Ira shows up at 37:45).
I love his stuff. I first heard him on WFMU.

Yeah, I looked for an archive too. If you search him on the WFMU website you can find stuff.
I clicked on this hoping that the 70's musical group of douche-bags with the biggest Elvis "soundalike" front-man ever had lost one of their own. But no - the Grim Reaper took the wrong fucking Joe Frank. And I've known of his rep as a storyteller but never got around to actually checking him out. I will now.
Got this from WFMU's fb page:
"Tune into Irwin's show tomorrow at 3pm EST for his Joe Frank Memorial Broadcast.
On Monday January 15th, legendary radio storyteller Joe Frank passed away at age 79. His radio dramas have aired on WFMU sporadically since the mid-1980s, and continue to air biweekly on Irwin's Wednesday afternoon program. On Weds. Jan. 24, Irwin will devote his entire three-hour show to Joe Frank. We'll hear dozens of memorable segments spanning 35 years of Joe's creative legacy, as well as an interview Irwin conducted with Joe at KCRW in January 1991."

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