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They might be good, I'm sure they are, but there's no way I'm ever going to settle in and listen to a 3 hour discussion with any of those people. Or anyone, really. I'm sitting here trying to think of who I'd like to hear talk for 3 hours and there is no living human that makes the cut. That being said, I guess you could drop in at some random spot, but then you're in the middle of a conversation about...who knows what?

I understand that the other end of the spectrum - the 7 minute "interview" that all the late night talk shows do now - is utterly useless, but going too far in the other direction seems equally useless. I don't understand who can watch that, or even listen to an episode of it, every day or two. Well, I mean I do understand: no one does that. People subscribe and cherry-pick the guests they might be interested in. I do that with Maron's WTF. But even then, again...3 hours?

And I know he's not alone. There a re a ton of 2+ hour podcasts. I don't understand those either, but people listen.

For what it's worth, if you film an interview with someone and put it up on YouTube, it's not really a podcast, it's an Internet talk show. I understand that you can listen to an audio version of it, but an audio version of "The Tonight Show" isn't a podcast, and neither is this. But I guess semantics are for pussies these days. :)
Agree, but to me they simply talk about interesting shit ... for three hours :D

There is something about this format which really gets you deep into the personalities of the people discussing. Like with Dorian Yates, I didn't even know who he was and was surprised what a humble, down to earth and yet at the same time insanely driven and adventurous guy this is. Hearing him talk about his experiences with psychedelic drugs, suffering injuries and pain, depression and so on is fascinating to me.

But true, there are episodes I find dull and can't listen through. To me it's like radio, you can turn it on and listen to it while doing other things. I was surprised myself, I didn't even notice the time passing in the conversations I found interesting.
I didn't hear of this podcast until the past week when Sturgill Simpson was asked about it during his Facebook Live stream. He said Rogan was a good guy with an entertaining show, but their mistake was meeting an hour beforehand, shooting a game of pool, smoking some "California Mad Scientist" weed, and basically talking themselves out ! Jesus, how did they get through 3 hours of conversation after that ? But I'll check some episodes out.
There are hugely fascinating conversations going on. It's long and some episodes are boring but I like to listen to it while working out or doing other shit.

For example two days ago Billy Corgan, talking about Nirvana, Guns'N'Roses, being a superstar, One Hit Wonders who play their one hit twice at concerts, decline, fall and change of the music industry and so on.

I never was a Smashing Pumpkins fan and still think Billy Corgan is somewhat excentric to put it mildly but this was one interesting talk. (Not to tempt you mjp but I get a feeling in my left testicle you might find this conversation interesting, at least in parts.)

Also there is this guy, I'd never heard about before

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I like most of what I've heard so far (Dorian Yates, Dan Carlin, Sebastian Junger). Rogan does more listening than talking, which makes him the rare actor/comic who's NOT all about himself. The time frame is a challenge and I'm taking 2 or 3 days to get through one episode. But that's kind of rewarding too - it gives me time to digest the ideas during the breaks.
I think paradoxically this podcast is so interesting because of Joe Rogan and NOT because of Joe Rogan. In other words Rogan is not like the funniest wittiest host wo gets you to crack up all the time with his talent and material. It's more like two buddies smoking weed, drinking bourbon and shooting the shit for three hours about stuff they are both interested iin like psychedelic drugs, biology, physics, politics in 2017, feminism, the Alt-Right, antifa, MMA, stand-up comedy ... whatever it is.

On the other hand let's face it, Billy Corgan, Russell Brand, Henry Rollins and people like this would probably not stop by at MY podcast, or yours. Joe Rogan obviously is a fixture in the entertainment biz for decades and obviously well connected/much respected by many.

Personally I think the FORMAT of podcasts is most fascinating. This shit is revolutionary. He gets 90.000.000+ downloads per month at times, I read. This is insane. Take one guy, interesting material, a mic, a camera and the internet and you literally can blow away any other format of this kind in 2017: no annoying producers, no censorship (so far), 100% free expression, your own material, as much freedom as it gets as a creator. And a potential worldwide audience. You can do it out of your bedroom.

This is going to be the future of broadcasting in some form or another, I believe.
He gets 90.000.000+ downloads per month at times, I read.
90 million?! I'm pretty sure there aren't 90 million English speaking podcast listeners in the world. Edison Research says 42 million Americans listen to a podcast weekly, and 67 million monthly. I don't know how to extrapolate that out to the entire world, as far as English speaking goes, but 90 million downloads of any podcast is not realistic.

Look at it this way: NPR has the biggest monthly podcast audience. A little over 16 million downloads. And that is spread across 41 different podcasts. The most popular podcasts can get in the 10 million range of downloads, but that is a very, very small number of shows. The next tier, where Rogan lives (he ranks 17th overall), will get over a million downloads, maybe two, but not always consistently.

You can't judge downloads by those YouTube view numbers, either. Everyone who watches 2 seconds of that video counts in that number. One of my podcasts on YouTube has 4,469 "views," but the stats for that episode show that the total watch time is 17,884 minutes. So the math tells us most of those views only last a few minutes.

I don't disagree about the potential of podcasting in general (obviously), but in 5 or 10 years the landscape will likely be different. Right now it's (almost) as easy for me to get a listen as it is for Joe Rogan or Marc Maron. Eventually though, that will change. Everything on the Internet starts that way, democratic, then money comes in and things normalize. Meaning the rich get richer and it becomes increasingly difficult to break in to that top tier without a lot of money behind you.

Billy Corgan, Russell Brand, Henry Rollins and people like this would probably not stop by at MY podcast, or yours.
And that is only going to become more and more true as podcasting becomes a professional thing.

no censorship (so far), 100% free expression...
For what it's worth, if you have advertisers, you almost never have "100% free expression."
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Valid points. I got the 90.000.000+ from here -->
and here

[This video is unavailable.]

... but that's reddit and self-claimed, so who knows. I thought it might be a combination of iTunes, every audio-download-possibility and Youtube not only the main channel but also the fan pages and various "Joe Rogan Clips" and so on. Then the shared stuff on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ... and he's serving multiple target audiences like the MMA fans for his fight commentaries, the conservatives when he has conservatives on, the liberals when he has liberals and so on.

But you are right, it seems astronomic.
In the video he says he's getting "about 4 times" of about 4 million per month, which is about 16 million. Plus YouTube, which, as you've seen, are murky numbers at best. When he says 30 million downloads a month, I would hazard a guess that he's exaggerating (based on the industry numbers that show him far behind NPR, and NPR doesn't even get 30 million downloads a month in the U.S.).

But the fact is, no one but the podcaster knows the actual download numbers, so a podcaster can say whatever they want to say about audience numbers, and no one can prove them wrong. Trying to estimate from outside "clues" is impossible (see: reddit), and those YouTube numbers are useless, again, unless you know the watch time.

All of this is funny though, because one of the reasons that traditional companies won't advertise on podcasts is because there's no publicly available way to measure podcast reach, the way there is with television and radio ratings (which aren't perfect, but they're close). Streaming TV like Netflix, etc., is the same thing: a black box that only insiders know the actual numbers for. Plus with podcasts, a download does not equal a listen, so there's all kinds of squishiness around any podcast numbers that you hear or read...
Was amped when I saw this in my notifications, despite never being much of an Aerosmith fan. Was hoping for some cool stories and vibing. Then at first I thought, Jesus, this is painful to watch. Steven Tyler seems to have gone off to La La land. Then I thought this is hilarious. Steven Tyler has gone off to La La land. Then I was back at painful again. Then it kept switching back and forth. So I don't know :D

But in case any of you is a huge Steven Tyler/Aerosmith fan, enjoy

I find some of his podcasts fantastic, and other ones either boring or annoying. Depends on the guest and how high Rogan is. Duncan Trussel, Dorian Yates, Jordan Peterson... Those are the ones I like. Eddie Bravo can be funny as well.
People usually listen to podcasts as a form of background noise. Like having the TV on when you have guests over to mitigate or ameliorate the awkward silence, or maybe even like those subliminal hypnotism tapes that were all the rage once upon a time where you hope to soak up some unimportant "knowledge' while you sleep kinda thing.....
People usually listen to podcasts as a form of background noise.
Incorrect. You need to up your podcast listening research game.

Or maybe the post was just an excuse to use "ameliorate" in a sentence. If so, congratulations.
Hence why I used "usually" BEFORE my opinionated statement.
And I need no steenking excuses to use words to communicate an accurate portrayal of an illustrative example. Its what separates us from monkeys & lentils....
i think you got stuck somewhere between the monkeys and the lentils...
In the top 5 of all time best Rogan podcasts so far, imo. Alternates between bone chilling and completely hilarious, oftentimes within the minute. Would have never thought after watching Jake "The Snake" Roberts as a kid what this man has walked through.

I'm only talking about the most recent ones here, excluding bait actors.

Ed Calderon is a Mexican cartel specialist, on the ground kind of specialist; very interesting and amazing stuff this guy had to say about the subject.

Rob Zombie is the vocalist of the famous heavy metal band. Also a director of the famous trilogy of horror movies: House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects and from last year 3 From Hell. Talked about lots of stuff, if you're a movie lover you have to give it a try, this guy have an extensive movie knowledge. Also liked to hear what he had to say about NY in the 80's shaping him.

Glenn Villeneuve is a guy living in the Alasca wilderness since 1994, I think. He also participate (the most famous guy there) in the National Geographic show Life Below Zero. If you're interested in living in the nature kind of stuff, hunting, survival, this guy is the go to, he have eaten pretty much every single part of an animal over there. Immensely interesting.

RZA, the famous NY rapper, the creator of the Wu-tang clan, a guy with an immense wisdom on a lot of different subjects, like, he doesn't go with it, but he knows it, from ancient healing techniques, to all kind of religion scriptures, to science fiction, theres no one that knows more about martial arts movies on this planet. Sadly the other guy (participated in the famous series The Wire) didn't let him really transmit to us much of his thought process.

I'm interested in strange people, not in people trying to make a change, that's why I didn't included people like Edward Snowden.
Adam Curry believes he invented everything.

Everyone said, "Holy shit!" when they first saw the Mosaic browser. And everyone (including me) now says, "I saw the potential right away."
No surprise.

Incendentally today is the beginning of "Spotify exclusive" for the Joe Rogan Experience. The old vids are already getting pulled off YouTube.

So if you wanna watch from now on, you have to do it on Spotify.

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