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Julie Delpy may or may not be directing a film based on Strummer's 'disappearance' in 1982 called The Right Profile.

no word on casting (maybe because the movie isn't happening), but it'll be interesting to see who plays Strummer. I'm sure I'll be outraged. or incensed. maybe both.
Tim Armstrong has been playing Strummer for years!
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This article was taken down on 23 November after it became clear the source was incorrect about Julie Delpy signing on to direct a Joe Strummer biopic.

In any event, that wouldn't be much of a film, would it? Joe takes a vacation to run a marathon in Paris? The "disappearance" bit was just hype as I recall.
Yeah, I gave the link to the story being taken down because some news outlets are still reporting the film as going forward. hence the may or may not be happening part of my post. I'm subtle like that. heh.

The disappearance was a hoax, and it seems like slim pickings for a film, but I enjoyed Frost vs. Nixon , even though it seemed like a unlikely premise for a film. most likely the movie will suck, but I'd still see it. Unless Shia Lebeouf, or however you spell it, is playing Strummer. I can't stand that twat.
I recall reading somewhere where the future is I'm holding out hoping Jones has a enough good riffs in him to make me say "Yes" you hit that mark again,(and forget Carbon Silicon).
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